Vintage 1960s Styles Are Making A Comeback!


History repeats itself and this statement definitely holds true for fashion. Fashion changes with every season, but from time to time, the olden styles make a comeback. The 1960s styles are now making a comeback.


Here is a list of styles from the 60s that are making a comeback now.

  1. Oversized Sunglasses


2018 was all about tiny sunglasses, but in 2019, the larger shades will colorful lenses (just like the 60s) will make a comeback.  Here’s a glimpse from Kate Spade’s Spring 2019 collection.

  1. Shift Dresses

Shift Dresses have been a trend that never goes out of fashion. But just like the 1990s, the shift dresses will be seen everywhere in 2019.

  1. Peter Pan Collars


Just like 2012, the Peter Pan collars that were a rage in the 1960s will be back in 2019 as well. If you’ve always wondered, why the name Peter Pan? Maude Adam played the role of Peter Pan and wore a costume with a similar collar.

Image Source

And here’s a look from 2019 Spring Summer Collection:

  1. Belted Styles


Here’s a picture from the 1960s, which that clearly proves belts of the same color as the dress were popular.

Image Source:

Here’s a pink coat dress from the Spring 2019 collection.

  1. Miniskirts


In the 1960s, miniskirts came in trend for the first time and it’s an item that has never gone out of fashion ever since. Miniskirts were always accompanied by knee-high boots in winters and sandals in summer. They made a comeback in the 2018 fall collection.

  1. Puff Sleeves


Image Source: Vogue

When it comes to vintage fashion, puff sleeves cannot be skipped. This fashion trend came back this year. And looks like it will be a highlight in 2019 too.

  1. Textured Collars

Coats with a full collar made of fur were really popular. And the furry trend came back in the 2018 Fall/Winter show.

Fun Fact: The Fur Collar is the name of a movie that released in 1962.

So yes, Vintage fashion is coming back!

Note: Image Source of all runway images IMAXTREE