Top Kickstarter Projects Right Now!


Kickstarter has all kinds of projects. While some projects seem pointless, there are others that are totally pragmatic. Here’s a little about currently popular Kickstarter projects!

Sparkmaker FHD – The Most Affordable 3D printer

Earlier 3D printers worked on filament deposition modeling or FDM. But the new technology called stereolithography(SLA) is soon replacing it. The SLA technology used laser along with the photo-reactive sun. The printers with this technology were very expensive. But SparkMaker FHD costs just for $250 on Kickstarter.

LUMI – Self-Cleaning Toilet Brush

Your toilet may sparkle white after a cleaning session. But what about the brush you’ve used for cleaning it? LUMI is an innovative Toilet Brush Base which kills germs using UV rays. All you need to do is place the brush in the base after cleaning. It will go through a germ-killing cycle and turn off once the process is done.

MagDock – Wireless Charger with PowerBank

A wireless charging dock with inbuilt power bank is the need of the hour when smartphones are so mainstream. MagDock supports a range of devices, so you don’t really have to think of carrying plenty of chargers and 7500mAh power bank ensures you have power whenever you need it. What’s more? You can charge your phone and Apple Watch simultaneously. The magnetic dock ensures your phone doesn’t slip. So many features and convenience just for $39.

SureKey – Makes Sure You Lock Your Door

When you leave home in the busy early morning, sometimes you’re not sure if you’ve locked the door. In such scenarios, you either need to go back and check if the door is closed or worry about it throughout the day. SureKey tells you the status of your door – lock or unlocked anytime. While there are plenty of smart locks in the market, their installation is tedious. Surekey’s installation is easy and it can be used with your existing lock. SureKey also notifies you if you’ve left the key on the door. All this just for $19.

Go Sun Fusion: Solar And Electric Oven

An oven that helps you make your meal in minutes just with sunlight. It helps in making a clean meal outdoors. You could use a powerbank or power supply to make meals when the sun goes down. Price at $349 on Kickstarter it is a must-have technology if you love outdoor trips.