It’s a land of many languages

Due to its geographical location, Morocco is a country with many languages- Arabic, Berber, English, and French. So, before visiting Morocco make sure to brush up your Arabic skills, if you lack those then hire a translator along. Although, while backpacking one seeks to explore more and more by spending less amount and a translator may not come cheap. So, learn the basics of Arabic and carry a pocket dictionary always to make it easier to some extent.

Be a generous tipper

In Morocco, you won’t find yourself short on opportunities to leverage locals for their advice. according to a trusted source of tourism 10% tip is advised at restaurants and even if you spend a little time with your tour guide a little tip is customary.

Say No to Henna

If you decide not to go beyond Marrakech, then you may find yourself spending quite a lot of time on the busy Jemaa el-Fnaa Square. Among many snake charmers and shopkeepers, you will be hocked by women rather aggressively, offering to apply henna art. The color of the henna may seem natural but sometimes there are impurities, so if you have sensitive skin and want to avoid rashes or allergies, say no to henna.

A feast for bread lovers


Bread or commonly known as “Khubz” is a daily part of life there. If you are planning to go on a diet postpone it until you return from Morocco. Locals eat bread for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and there a lot of varieties to try as well. If you hate carbs you, then no bread for you.

Point, focus, and Capture

While traveling a camera is a must but don’t forget to carry extra memory cards and batteries because you are going to need them in Morocco. If you’re wondering what Morocco is known for it’s the colors, the textures, the shapes and I am sure one would love to brag about the scenery they witness. So, do carry extra memory cards.

You will get lost

it will feel like the movie maze runner, as one is bound to get lost while mapping the medinas of Fez and Marrakech and no even google maps are not accurate. So, do carry a map or ask some shopkeepers and enjoy the time being lost, sometimes the pleasure is in unplanned things.

Hold your horses, Bargainers!

A typical budget for backpacking is $25 a day but let me tell you Morocco isn’t cheap. It is cheaper than western Europe, Australia, USA and other western countries but don’t expect it’s going to be like Thailand. You probably should reassess If you’re looking for a little more of a mid-range experience then budget for about $40-50 a day.

People with a sweet tooth brace yourselves.

After returning from Morocco schedule an appointment with your dentist because you might need one. Moroccans will constantly be inviting you in for their special mint tea or “Berber whiskey,” and it is addicting!

Juice-Juice Everywhere

While roaming the streets of Marrakech You’ll find fresh squeezed orange juice just about everywhere. However, the best part is the price, It’s only 4 DH or $.40. You will practically make money on this. An advice- don’t just drink one glass, drink several and fill yourself up with vitamin c.

Dress Modestly

For all the single ladies out there, I too am a feminist and support women’s right to wear as they please, but Morocco isn’t America. The culture in Morocco is for women to be dressed consistently covered from knees to elbows, and you’ll rarely see women dressed less conservatively than this, except for maybe some Westerners in Marrakech.