Tips To Book Cheap Flight Tickets To Any Destination!


When it comes to planning budget for a holiday, you can cut down a lot of costs – accommodation, food expenses, local travel expense, etc. However, flight charges are an expense that is hard to avoid or cut down. You may choose to travel in economy instead of business class, but flight expenses will still be one of the major contributors of your travel expense.

Here are quick tips you can implement to cut down flight charges:

  1. Browse in Incognito Mode: Ever wondered, why flight charges keep increasing each time you open website to book flight tickets? Airlines store your data.  They want you to make the booking immediately. Thus, each time you open their website, the fare increases. To avoid this, simply browse in the incognito mode.
  2. Look up the price on different flight search engines: Flight booking websites do not list out all the flights to your destination. And every website may have hidden additional charges.

For example, we searched for a New Delhi to Goa flight for October 13, 2018 on The AirAsia flight was the cheapest. However, once on the payment page, additional charges were added.

Now let’s look for a New Delhi to Goa flight on skyscanner (a flight search engine) , a flight search engine. The same AirAsia flight appears as the cheapest option. But flight charges are less than makemytrip and that too inclusive of all charges.

Click on ‘select’ to see websites that charge least amount for the same flight. The same Air Asia flight that was available for Rs. 3,683 on Makemytrip can be booked for Rs. 3,354 on Happy Easy Go.

Google flights,, and are popular search engines.

3. Look at the travel calendar: The travel calendar will help you identify the cheapest         day to fly. Here’s an example from Google Flights Search Engine.

4. Use coupons: There are various coupon websites that list offers from various flight            booking sites. Here’s a screenshot from

5. Book round trips: Most airlines offer discounts when you book tickets of round trips.        Here’s a screenshot from Indigo.

6. Subscribe to emails: Airlines offer promotions from time to time. The fastest way to know about these sales is to subscribe to the mailing list.

Use these simple tips and plan your next holiday now!