The Etiquette guide for every man to turn himself into a modern gentleman!


This is going to be a complete guide for men which will eventually transform you into a modern day gentleman. Covering the etiquettes and decorum of dating to the gym, we have got you covered.So, consider this comprehensive guide your virtual butler and you are Richie Rich. Just like Cadbury(the butler) taught Richie-Rich(you) some manners and etiquettes we would like to do the same for you.

Now, you might feel that talking about etiquettes seems a bit old-fashioned. No, that is not the case manners are something as timeless as a finely aged wine or a classic muscle car. Throughout the time, these things stand out. So, In a broad sense etiquette is still relevant because we should all aim not be a dork on a daily basis. Also, the various aspects of etiquettes to turn you into a gentleman will be uploaded in instalment. So, do follow us on social media to stay updated.

Dating Decorum

Most men nowadays follow guys on the TV or in the movies as their idols, when it comes to dating. But, read the sentence again, I mentioned guys not gentlemen and plus the movies are scripted. The girl is supposed to fall back into his arms as per the writers. However, the real world does not work like that. It takes a lot of effort to win a lady’s heart and here are some tips for you to win a lady’s heart like a gentleman on the first date.

1) This is like the oldest trick in the book but still. Dress well. Do not show up in your flip-flops and denim shorts. Dress according to the place you are planning to take the lady to. Also, do not forget to groom yourself properly, and do not forget to wear a nice perfume. Not Nike sports deodorant but a nice Men’s perfume.

2) Uber is convenient and this is the 21st century so women don’t need to depend on anybody. But, still offer her a ride, ask her whether she needs to be picked up or not. Show some concern about her means of traveling. However, if the lady denies do not be pushy and let it be! Even after the date offer a ride back to her place. If you do then make sure to escort her to her front door.

3) This rule never gets old. All you have to do is open the door for her. Not open it up for yourself and then hold for her. You have to open every door for her, if she is getting in the car with you, first open her door, hold the door for her then when she sits comfortably, shut the door nicely without a thud. Same goes for doors at the restaurant or if you are lucky then the door to your house. It is a small gesture, but these little things matter.

4) Offer to pay for the first date, but never insist forcefully. If she wants to go 50-50 then the gentlemanly thing to do is agree. The rule is simple guys, if you requested the pleasure of their company, then you should pay.

5) Message the day after the date. Just a follow-up message saying you had a nice time and what not. But, do not overdo it. Do not write a 300-word paragraph on how fun it was.

6) While ordering in a restaurant ask the lady first. If you have been to the place before give her a suggestion, do not impose that dish on her. Also, treat the service staff nicely. Being rude to waiters is a bad sign.

7) If you guys spend the night together at your place, then make sure to get her breakfast in the morning. Just a cup of coffee or tea, some donuts or pancakes would be fine. Do not offer her Maggie noodles for breakfast, she is a lady, not your college mate.

8) Keep your phone away in silent mode. Do not open snapchat to share the lovely meal you are having. Sit back and enjoy the lovely company of the lady. However, if there is an important call ask the lady to be excused and go and talk in the restroom or nearest space. Just do not answer your business calls on the dinner table.

9) If you are into online dating then make sure you have the latest profile photo updated. You do not want your tinder date to be shocked to see you. Do not upload three-year-old photos when you had a six pack as compared to the current family pack. It will be a shocker for the lady.

10) Be sensitive towards her. If she is telling you a story about how her dog died do not laugh at the end of it. Also, avoid talking about vulgar topics and topics that might offend women. In the middle of that dog story if a tear comes out of her eye, offer your handkerchief and for that do carry one!

Bonus tip!!

Manners, chivalry, and politeness can easily fly right out the window once you’ve had a couple of pints in you. Remember you are with a lady, not your college mates. So, unless you know how to hold your alcohol boldly, avoid ordering that fourth beer.

So, here are some basic etiquettes for you master Richie! Stay tuned for more content on etiquettes for men as the next instalment of the guide will be uploaded shortly. Until then open doors for every lady you see, even for the unknown ladies at the grocery store.