The Big Bang Theory Season 12 Premieres Today in the US!


Popular American Sitcom “The Big Bang Theory” starring Jim Parsons, Kunal Nayyar, Simon Helberg, Melissa Rauch, Mayim Bialik, Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco will premier the season 12 in the US on CBS channel at 8:00 PM today. The Big Bang Theory (TBBT) fans are elated yet disappointed at the same time because today will be the beginning of the end of The Big Bang Theory, i.e. this season will be the last season of this popular series. Fans reacted to the show’s twitter post.

Why is the show ending? There are numerous reports on internet stating that the show runners decided to end the show as Jim Parsons was ready to move on from the sitcom. Jim Parsons (who plays the role of Dr. Sheldon Cooper) gets paid around $1 million per episode. The actor had a chance to make more than $50 million if he decided to stay back for two more years. However, he didn’t agree. The show cannot go on without Dr. Sheldon Cooper, thus the season 12 will be the end of the longest-running multi-camera series in the history of Television in the United States.

What will happen in the The Big Bang Theory Season 12?

This season will begin with Sheldon and Amy encountering some problems on their honeymoon in New York. In the meanwhile Penny and Leonard learn about their similarities with Amy’s parents. Koothrappali sets on a Twitter war with the physicist Neil deGrasse. Popular cameos from the previous seasons will also return in the Season 12. Those to return include Sheldon’s mom Mary, Stuart, Sheldon’s rival Dr. Barry Kripke and Janine Davis.

When will the show release in India?

The Big Bang Theory Season 12 show will be aired on the channel Zee Café at 7:00 PM every Saturday starting 6th of October.