T-Series Vs PewDiePie: Which Channel Will Be The #1 On Youtube?


Everyone’s talking about T-series and PewDiePie – why? PewDiePie is currently the most subscribed channel on Youtube and it appears that T-series will take over.

To begin with, PewDiePie (real name Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg) is famous for his content on gaming as well as vlogs. And T-series is a music and film production company. So, the comparison isn’t fair. But anyway, let’s dive deep and see how these channels are growing?

We did some digging on Social Blade and from what stats say, T-series’ will probably surpass the subscriber count of PewDiePie in few months from now.

T-series is currently at close to 57 Million subscribers whereas PewDiePie is close to 65.63 Million subscribers. And the below graph confirm that T-series will break the record. PewDiePie fans – fret not and keep a brave face as PewDiePie will always be loved. However, records are meant to be broken!

When it comes to number of views, T-series is already the most viewed channel on Youtube. And in terms of subscribers, T-series is currently the fastest growing channel with over 1,40,000 new subscribers everyday. Thus, it won’t be a surprise if T-series takes over PewDiePie in terms of subscriber count by November. Even PewDiePie, recently posted a video on his channel about the same.

Main Reason’s for T-series growth

  • Currently, in India internet is not as expensive as earlier. Thanks to Jio, a lot of Indians are able to access Internet at low cost now. Thus, in less than 3 years more than 100 million new users have started using the internet.
  • Another reason for T-series to be the #1 viewed channel is that the main content on their channel is Bollywood music. Thus, they have an audience not just in India but also other neighbouring countries such as Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, etc.

Will T-series take over or will PewDiePie remain the most subscribed You-tuber? Let’s wait and watch!