Shopping Hacks To Style On A Budget!


Whether you’re a guy or girl – You can never have enough clothes! So we bring to you shopping hacks that can help you style on a budget!

Shop for basics

Basics are affordable and multi-purpose. For example, a basic black or white tee can be worn with different bottoms to create different looks. So invest in high-quality basics.

Quality vs Quantity

It’s easy to get carried away when shopping in a sale. You may end up buying everything you like on sale. But you may not really need everything that you’ve bought. So when shopping invest in high-quality pieces that are not in your wardrobe already.

Do comparison shopping

Go to the mall and try out items you like. Check the price for the same item online. Most of the times you can get the same piece for cheaper online.


Coupons are a great way to save money online. Make an email account and sign up to all your favorite stores to stay updated with latest sales and offers.

Try street shopping

Every city has at least one street shopping destination (like Delhi’s Sarojini Nagar and Mumbai’s Colaba) that offer clothing items on extremely cheap prices. The only disadvantage about street shopping is that you can’t try on the clothing item and you cannot return the item if it doesn’t fit you. To overcome that, carry a clothing item that fits you best and compare the size before making the purchase. If shopping for bottoms, wrap the item around your neck, if it is a little bigger then it will fit you right at waist.

Leave items in your cart

When shopping online leave items in your cart for a day or two. There are two advantages of this – you’ll figure out if you really want to order that item. Most online stores offer special coupon codes to get special discounts on the cart items.

Buy off season

Most retailers have end of season clearance sales. This is a perfect time to buy items at discounted prices.

Wishlist items to receive price-drop alerts: Most online stores have option to wishlist items and send out notifications if there is a price-drop on wishlist item. Bookmark wishlist items on Pinterest and similar websites to get notified about discounts.