Quick Guide and Ideas to Start Your Own Herb Garden!


Having a garden is a dream of many. If you live in apartments where space is luxury, having a garden is difficult. But you can always add some greenery to your space by starting a herb garden. Herbs make every dish flavourful. And growing them at home will ensure you get fresh herbs for your recipes. Starting a window or balcony herb garden is easy and doesn’t require a lot of investment too.

For most Indian herbs such as mint, coriander, basil, fenugreek, etc. one doesn’t even need to visit a nursery to get the seeds. There’s no need to invest in pots too. You could use old plastic containers, bottles, oil cans, mason jar, a plastic tub or any other old container to get started.

Choose any sunny place:  To get started, all you need is a sunny space. If you don’t have a balcony, a window will work too. Choose a window that receives enough sunlight (for 6 to 8 hours) and you’re all set. Avoid a shady place for growing the herbs as the produce may turn out to be less flavourful.

Container size: Choose the right size of container depending on the herb you decide to grow. For instance, mint tends to spread easily, so choose the container depending on how much mint you want. Fenugreek and Coriander will require deeper containers to allow adequate growth of taproot.

Collect the soil from parks: If you don’t wish to buy soil from a nursery, the top layer of soil from the trees in your area will work too.

How often do you need to water? While the watering requirements will depend on the specific herbs. Herbs will need to be watered at least once a day.

Fertilisation: Plants that grow in pots/containers do not require frequent fertilisation. It is recommended you use slow-release fertilisers available in the market.

Trimming and Harvesting: In order to accelerate the growth, herbs must be pinched and pruned from time to time. Use scissors or a sharp knife to trim them. When harvesting, make sure you don’t harvest more than one-third of the aerial growth. This will ensure that the plant can regrow itself quickly.

Start your own herb garden today!