Mukbang Videos: Why are people eating on camera?


Indian and global you-tubers are putting up Mukbang videos – filming themselves or a group consuming a lot of food while interacting with the audience. And barely any of them have explained the concept of Mukbang. While eating challenges are a common in Indian youtube videos, the term ‘Mukbang’ is being used in a lot of videos!

So if you’re wondering what really is Mukbang, we’ve got you covered!

  • Meaning: The trend of Mukbang originated in South Korea around 2010. And thus, the word Mukbang originated from Korean words “meokneun” and “bangsong” which mean eating and broadcast respectively, the blend of which translates to an ‘eating broadcast’.
  • Where it all began? Afreeca TV short form for Any Free broadcasting is a popular platform in Korea where mukbang hosts live stream themselves while eating. And Koreans tune into their live streams/broadcasts to watch people eat huge amounts of food. It is on this platform that the Mukbang culture gained popularity.
  • Popular Mukbang Hosts: Some popular Mukbang Youtubers are – HyuneeEats, KEEMI, Stephanie Soo, Mommy Tang and Divine Munchies. In Korea Mukbang stars are referred to as BJ’s or Broadcast Jockeys. And now on instagram, a popular hashtag used for these stars is #mukbangers.

  • Earning: Mukbang hosts make thousands of dollars just by eating in front of the camera. And the money doesn’t come from sponsorship or advertisements, it is donated by the viewers as virtual currency and can be exchanged for actual Korean currency.
  • Mukbang based television show: In 2013, Let’s Eat, a television series on the concept similar to Mukbang was aired on a popular Korean channel where four foodies came together and tried food at several restaurants.
  • Types of Mukbang: People consume all kinds of foods in front of the camera. While some are challenge videos where a person who consume maximum amount of food wins, some videos are just about food reviews.

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