Monsoon Tips: Your Guide to Be Monsoon-Ready!


In India, monsoons are awaited as they bring the much-needed respite after hot summers. It’s that time of the year when hot soups or yummy pakoras with garam chai are enjoyed and a lot of time is spent indoors with family.

However, the joys of monsoon are accompanied with some struggles too – wet shoes, dry skin, smelly homes, common cold, lot of mosquitoes and many more struggles.

Try these simple monsoon tips and bid-audie to monsoon struggles and stay healthy!

Essential Tips for Vehicles

  • If your tires are worn out, make sure you change them before monsoons to ensure there is proper road grip.
  • Get your wiper blades fixed if they are giving problems.
  • Get a pre-monsoon service to ensure your vehicle is in good condition.
  • And finally, make sure there’s enough fuel in your fuel tank at all times. You don’t want to get stuck in the rains in already traffic heavy roads.

Rain gear and clothing tips

  • Don’t forget to carry your rain gear:
  • Make sure you carry a sturdy raincoat and umbrella at all times.
  • Wear boots to keep your feet dry. Take a candle and rub it on your footwear to prevent damage from rain. Blow dry with hot air to seal it thoroughly.
  • To prevent odor, leave some green tea bags in your shoes.
  • Wear clothes that are easy to dry. And keep an extra pair of dry clothes at your workplace.

Personal Gadget care

  • When travelling in rain, turn off your phone and put it in a polybag to protect it from water. In case your phone gets wet, then turn it off and keep it in a box of rice. The rice will soak all the moisture.


Health care

  • Carry 2 to 3 small absorbent towels and wipe your feet and hair when you reach indoors after getting drenched in rain. Wet feet and wet hair are the most common reasons to catch a cold or fever in this season.
  • Use mosquito repellents and keep your home mosquito free.
  • Avoid eating street food as it may be contaminated.
  • Eat foods rich in vitamin C to boost your immunity.