Men’s Organic Grooming Range: Good for Earth and Good for You!


Gone are the days, when interpretation of the term “Men’s Grooming” meant the daily shaving ritual. Times have changed, and it’s hard to ignore the surge in men’s grooming range and advertisements boasting the goodness of these products. Are are these chemical laden products really good for you? Maybe not! Chemical based grooming range may cause a lot of side-effects and harm the environment too.

The major revenue generators of the beauty and skincare industry, i.e. women are becoming aware of the adverse effects of mainstream beauty and skincare products and switching to organic products – thanks to the increasing number of beauty blogs. It’s time men make that shift too.

Why go organic?

Bio-available, thus effective: Organic grooming products are bio-available i.e. our bodies know how to digest, nourish and heal with them. While chemical products build-up on our skin and block our pores, organic products reach the depths of skins and works its magic.

Safe for skin and soil: Chemical based products can cause acne and irritation, especially in men. Organic products are made with ingredients without using harmful fertilizers or pesticides. They are gentle on skin and keep the soil fertile. The packaging of these products is eco-friendly too.

Good for overall health: Mainstream products are also laden with artificial fragrance and synthetic colours. Thus, a lot of people suffer from negative reactions such as migraines, allergies, sinus issues, etc. As organic personal care products are free from these chemicals, they are good for your overall health.

Popular organic brands such as Forest Essentials, L’OCCITANE, Kama Ayurveda, Dr. Alkaitis also manufacture men’s range of products including face and body cleansers, hydrating moisturisers, beard oil, hair care essentials, etc. When it comes to organic products, less is more. You don’t need to hoard all the products available in the market. Just invest in essentials and see the difference.