Just Cause 4 – A wild ride!


Rico Rodriguez is back. Powered like never before! His new mission in “Just Cause 4” leads him in into the South American country Solís. War and extreme weather conditions are ruling over this country – two things which Rico is perfectly prepared for. With more weapons and tools than ever before Avalanche Studios present us a new part of the action adventure series.

Skills and weapons

Obviously his new skills present themselves with his weapons. Nearly all of the weapons feature two different ways to fire the weapon. Equipped with a regular machine gun with integrated grenade launcher as well as a high-tec-railgun you can play the current demo of the game. The railgun puts opponents under high voltage power or fires off a drone which supports Rico in his battles.

The Map

Alpine, desert, rainforest and grassland will be the four biomes that Solis has to offer. All biome offer their own unique geographical features and gameplay opportunities. Furthermore there will be different weather conditions in each across the map e.g. powerful storms, blizzards and sandstorms.

What can you expect?

The demo and the trailer look amazing and just show an extremely small part of the game. Possibilities are almost endless, especially on a map that is expected to be even bigger than the last part (400 square miles!).

Most of the time in Just Cause 4 you will be passing your time experimenting with the physics of the game, which are exactly what make this game so entertaining. Flying around with your wing suit, driving around the island, swimming in the sea or just rocket launching your self-modified crane with attached rockets – all of this is possible in this game.

Just Cause 4 will be released on December 4th and we´re already hyped to play it!

Watch the gameplay trailer right here: