iPhone 9, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Plus Rumours: What will Apple’s new flagship offer!


When it comes to new flagships from Apple, there are new rumours each day.  And if there’s any truth in these rumours, then iPhone lovers will soon get three new iPhones to choose from within the next few weeks.

Approximate Release Date:

It appears that the new range of iPhones will be announced on September 12, 2018, at an event in the Steve Jobs Theatre.

When can you pre-order them?

The rumoured pre-order date for these phones is September 14 and the actual sales are said to begin on September 21. While there is no confirmation about these dates, these dates seem to sync with the previous year iPhone launches.

Rumoured Details about the phone:

  • Probable Name: iPhone XS

Features: Of the three phones being launched, the one will be a bezel-less phone with Face ID, OLED screen of 5.8 inch and stainless steel edges similar to iPhone X’s design.

Colour Options: It will come in black, gold and silver colour.

Approximate cost: $800 to $900

  • Probable Name: iPhone X Plus or iPhone XS Plus

Features: The second phone will reportedly come with a 6.5 inch OLED screen with  Face ID, a glass back and stainless-steel edges. If these details are right, this will be the iPhone with the biggest screen.

Colour Options: Even this phone will have three colour options black, gold and silver.

Approximate cost: $900 to $1000

  • Probable Name: This will probably look like a premium version of iPhone 8 and will be called as the iPhone 9.

Features: The third will also have a bezel-less 6.1 inch LCD screen and glass back but with aluminium edges. It will basically have all the functionality of iPhone X but will be a bit larger. As it uses cheaper materials, it will have a lower price.

Colours: This phone will come in various colours including grey, blue, red, white and orange.

Approximate cost: $600 to $700