Loved Sacred Games?Binge-watch these 4 dark crime dramas on Netflix!


Sacred games – The intense crime series adapted from Vikram Chandra’s novel Sacred  Games revolves around a cop Sartaj Singh played by Saif Ali Khan who is going through a crisis in his work and personal life. His life changes when a mobster Ganesh Gaitonde warns him to save his city. In the show, there are two timelines parallel to each other. One is in the past based on the gangster Ganesh’s rise in the Mumbai city in early 90’s and the other is depicting the present. The series comprises of only 8 episodes in the first season making it perfect to binge watch in just a night. Many people did so and the series is largely appreciated by the critics as well as the public. The performances and the storyline are gripping, giving you a proper insight into the two opposite worlds – the police world and the gangster world which makes it the perfect criminal show.

So, here are some similar intense crime shows available on Netflix India for you to binge watch over the weekend.


This series is an insight into the lives of the drug cartels run by the Colombian drug lord – Pablo Escobar. However, after season 3, the crime show focuses on other drug kingpins who plagued the country through the years The remarkable first two seasons captures the rise of a drug lord and his downfall.

Breaking Bad

Arguably one of the best crime shows of all time. The series revolves around the theme and difficulties of a life of a middle-class man one often resorts to extreme measures to safeguard his family. The series is about a high school teacher who gets diagnosed with an inoperable lung cancer. Being a chemistry teacher he starts making methamphetamine (meth) in order to pay for his treatment and secure his family’s future.


Probably one of the best show about criminology and serial killers ever made. Mindhunter is set in the retro 1970s and revolves around two FBI agents who expand the criminal sciences. They dive further into the psychology of a criminal, by getting uneasily close the criminals and their minds. It is a slow paced show but definitely worth a watch.


Warning, once you start watching this series the suspense will grip you from the very beginning through each episode. You will often find yourself wondering as to how the character will pull through the tough situations. The superb casting and all the twists in the plot will keep you hooked to your screen.

There are a lot more series on Netflix based on crime. But unfortunately, the options for Indian audiences are limited. So, these are the best ones for streaming in India. Do share this with your friends with whom you want to binge watch these amazing series.