Hurricane Florence Causes Havoc in North and South Carolina!


Florence began on Aug 30. as a disturbance in the East Atlantic and eventually advanced into a hurricane on Sep 4. It travelled west in varying strengths and at one point even subsided to a tropical storm. However, on September 9, the warm waters of Atlantic acted as a catalyst and it became a dangerous hurricane again. On September 11, around 1 million people were ordered mandatory evacuations in parts of Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. Though some people fled the flood warning areas, some headed to grocery stores to stock up in order to prepare for the floods.  

On Sep 14., the hurricane finally made a landfall near Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, with winds of 90 mph.On Sep 16., Sunday it weakened to a tropical depression and continues to stay in the same state. However, reports suggest it will intensify again. The hurricane has already dumped around 40 inches of rain in Carolinas and will continue to dump more rain causing historic flooding. The water has nowhere to go and rivers continue to swell. A total of 17 storm related deaths have been confirmed so far – 11 from North Carolina and 6 from South Carolina.Headwaters Dam in Creston, NC is in danger of a breach caused more evacuations.

According to National Weather Service, flash floods, landslide waring and “prolonged significant river flooding” will continue for a few days. The coastal city of Wilmington has been cut off by high flood waters.

Due to the heavy life-threatening floods, more than 500,000 are without power. Flooding has taken over all the towns and rescue teams are working continuously to restore power and rescue the ones trapped. People have been advised not to venture out in the flood waters as it could cause severe dangers of snakes, insects and other health risks due to contaminated water.  Homes of around 10 million are still under watch.