Getting Inked: Choosing a Tattoo Parlour..!


Getting a tattoo is considered one of the coolest things in this generation. A tattoo parlour is available in every lane and every mall in most metro cities in India. And taking the decision of getting inked and executing it has become a matter of one or two hours for some. And this leads to regrets in many cases.

A permanent tattoo is going to be a part of you forever, thus, the decision shouldn’t be taken in a rush. While choosing the right tattoo is important, choosing the right tattoo parlour should be given equal importance.

A lot of people who are getting a tattoo for the first time choose a tattoo parlour solely based on one thing – price. But should price be the sole factor while choosing a tattoo parlour? Not really! Choosing a parlour that is cheap but poor in hygiene can lead to diseases such as HIV, hepatitis, skin infections, etc. so, choose a tattoo parlour that uses hygienic equipment. So differentiate between ‘a tattoo wala’ and ‘a professional tattoo artist’.

The tattoo artist must wear gloves: The process of getting a tattoo is getting a needle jabbed into your skin repeatedly. Thus, your skin is prone to infections. It’s essential that the tattoo artist wears gloves. Gloves act as a barrier and thus protect the tattoo artist as well as the customer from risk of infections and makes the things hygienic for everyone involved in the process. The gloves must fit well and should not be too tight or too loose.

Needles: Make sure that the needles your artist is using is either disposable or at least sterilised. It is best you choose a tattoo artist that uses disposable needles. The tattoo artist must unpack the needle in front of you.

Tattoo Artist: There are no rules regarding license of tattoo artists in India. But you could definitely ask the tattoo artist about where he learn the art? Also, check the portfolio of tattoo artist to understand the type of designs the he can create. Take recommendations about the placement and details of design. And finally, if you feel like you’re being pushed to get a design you don’t want, take the exit gate.