Fun Cards Games You Can Play With Family or Friends Anytime!


Whether you’re looking for some way to pass time on a long journey or trying to refresh your childhood memories, a deck of card is your best friend. A deck of 52 cards is used for entertainment all over the world. Kids, teens or adults, there are games for players of every age group.

Here’s a list of card games anyone can play!

Slap Jack

Slap Jack is a simple and fun game. Players take turns to put card face up until someone puts down a jack. All the remaining players try to slap it. The first player to do so gets all the cards.


This game involves bluffing. Apart from deck of cards, you’ll also need spoons to play this game. Players must collect four or bluff they have four of a kind and pick up a spoon. As soon as a player picks up a spoon, other players pick up spoons too. The player who picks up the last spoon gets one letter from the word spoon. Basically, the players who gets the whole word gets eliminated from the game.

Crazy eights

Each player starts with 7 cards and rest of the deck is in a pile. The first card from the pile is flipped over face up. The goal here is to get rid of all the cards. Players discard a card that matches the face up card (number or suit). If a player does not have matching card, then must draw a card from the pile. The number 8 card is considered wild card and you can be whatever you want it to be.

Go Fish

Each players starts with 5 or 7 cards. The rest of deck is a draw pile. The goal is to make pairs. Players begin by asking for specific cards from other players to make pairs. If the player does not have the specific card – he/she says “Go Fish” and the player must draw a card from pile. Whenever a player makes a pair, he/she puts the pair down. The participant to get rid of all their cards first, wins the game.