Felix Semper: An Artist Who Makes Paper Sculptures!


Sculptures are made from stone, clay, wax and other strong materials. But have you ever heard of 3D sculptures made of paper? Felix Semper, a former real estate developer, tried to do something new with paper and things clicked for him. Each of his pieces sell for as much as $120,000.

Though the sculptures made by this self-taught artist look like they’ve been built using metal or carved from stone, they actually stretch out into paper slinky. Each sculpture is made with thousands of pages that are cut intricately and layered. Other materials used are sliced wood, books, recycled paper, etc. The end result are flexible 3D bust. The process is a coherent and laborious one and each project takes months to complete.

Felix doesn’t just make these pieces, he likes to demonstrate them in public and observe people’s reactions to his work. He stretches the portrait into seemingly impossible shapes to show off the complexity of his work. His stretchable paper
sculptures are inspired by day to day items, classical busts and modern culture. Semper has also worked on various commercial project for advertising and has created converse sneakers, Lays Chips, Burgers, Coke Cans, etc.

One of the first sculptures he made was of the graffiti artist Basquiat, who is also Felix’s inspiration. Another famous work by him is the paper statue of the legendary rapper Notorious B.I.G. which took over 3 months and 7000 sheets of paper. And the end result was 65 pounds’ sculpture of “Biggie”., 

Felix’s creativity isn’t limited to sculptures. He creates graffiti style paintings too. His Cuban and Spanish legacy reflects in his paintings.

You may watch the video right here!