“Killshot”-Eminem’s Response to MGK’s Diss!


Eminem released Kamikaze earlier this month and took a diss on the rapper Machine Gun Kelly in his song ‘Not Alike’. Things turned ugly as Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) released ‘Rap Devil’ in response to the track. It appears that the feud won’t end anytime soon as Eminem released another diss track ‘Killshot’ responding to MGK. If you have no idea what’s going on between the two you must read ‘What’s going on between ‘Rap God’ Eminem and ‘Rap Devil’ Machine Gun Kelly?’

In his latest track ‘Killshot’ Eminem criticises Kelly for various things including sporting a man bun and his choice of breakfast. Throughout the track, Eminem ridicules MGK for lack of his commercial success. He claims that even though he is 45 and is still doing better than him and at the age of 29 he already had three successful albums.

The track takes an ugly turn when the rapper drags Halsey (MGK’s ex) into the debacle referencing Kelly’s beef with the white rapper, G-Eazy. In a Freestyle Funkmaster Flex MGK took to G-Eazy using the following lines ‘Only Eazy I fuck with is E / I seen he dyed his hair and got a hanging earring / I fucked his girl, now he looks like me this shit overbearing.’ G-Eazy didn’t take things easy and released the track ‘Bad Boy’.

Eminem wrapped up the song in a very unclear way alleging that the day MGK puts out a hit track is ‘the day Diddy admits that he put the hit out that got Pac killed.’ And ends the track with an outro ‘And I’m just playin’, Diddy. You know I love you’ referring to one of Eminem older track “Kill You”.

Here’s how people are reacting to Eminem’s track!

So did things end here? MGK responded to Eminem’s diss track he’s releasing a new track ‘Binge’ on September 21. But he hasn’t disclosed any details of the track.

In his first interview after the album’s release, Eminem has revealed the real reason for the fight. He revealed that it wasn’t because he called his daughter ‘hot as fuck’. He only took a dig on MGK after Kelly after he claimed that Eminem was trying to spoil his career by banning him from the channel Shade 45.