Edgar Artis – An Artist Who Creates Illustrations Out Of Everyday Objects


The internet makes the world a smaller place. Artists from all over the world now have the opportunity to show off their creativity across the globe. There are many platforms where artists can display their art and Instagram is the trending medium for artists to introduce their art to the world. Recently we wrote about ‘Felix Semper – An artist who made stone-like sculptures’ from paper and ‘Yung Jake – An Artist who makes portraits with emojis’, and now here we are talking about Edgar Artis who takes art to a completely new level with his illustrations.

Edgar Artis, an artist from Armenia has taken the internet by storm by his unique illustrations. .The fashion illustrator with over 780K followers on Instagram draws beautiful girls and them dresses them up in the most unique way. He draws 2D gowns and then uses everyday objects such as pencil, food, feathers, paper clips, surgical gloves or any other random thing and transforms simple 2D sketches into magnificent 3D fashion sketches.

Edgar is currently studying fashion at the reputed Fashion school IFA Paris. He has always been passionate about fashion. Artis’ journey started with the use of fabric in his sketches and eventually, he started using items he found around the house. He finds beauty in everyday objects that most of us don’t even notice. His art proves author Margaret Wolfe Hungerford’s famous quote – “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. Edgar’s goal is to show the world that beauty is in everything around us, one needs to look from a different angle to appreciate it.

Edgar’s designs will take every girl to a fairy world. Edgar also has a Youtube Channel with the name ‘Edgar Artis’ where he shows time-lapse videos of his illustrations. Edgar isn`t very active on Youtube, but there are enough videos to give you a glimpse of his creative process. To stay updated with Edgar’s Illustrations you could also follow him on Facebook or Instagram.

Watch this video to see some of his illustrations!