DIY Pet Costumes – Dress Up Your Furry Friends for Halloween


It’s Halloween, a time when everyone is excited to look gorgeous yet scary and go door to door for a trick and treat or simply attend a Halloween party. When the whole family is dressed up in amazing outfits, why leave out your furry friend? Whether you have a dog or a cat, you could try these DIY pet costumes.

  1. Harry Potter Pet Costume:

    Are you a Harry Potter fan and transforming yourself into a Harry Potter character for Halloween? Transform your pet into a wizard too. For this DIY costume from Sarah, the main supplies required are felt(red and golden color) for the scarf and black stiffened felt for the glasses.

  2. Lion Costume:

    Transform your pet into the king of the jungle with this DIY Lion Costume. This is a great costume if you have a brown colored furry. For this DIY from The Spruce Crafts, you’ll need yarn and knitting tools.

  3. Cupcake costume:

    Pet Costume Halloween

    Cupcakes are irresistible and so is this super cute Cupcake Costume to transform your pup into pupcake. For this Cupcake Pet Halloween Costume from Lovely Indeed you’ll need a paper mache box, cotton, felt and other basic DIY tools

  4. Devil or Angel:

    pet costume Halloween

    If you have two pets, transform one into a devil and one into an angel. If your dog doesn’t like wearing clothes, this is a great costume idea. Make a halo and turn your pet into an angel or just make some devil ears for a cute devil with this DIY idea from DC DogMoms. Pipe cleaners, felt, ribbon and hot glue are some items required for these two DIY costumes.

  5. Mummy Costume:

    Transform your pet into a cute Mummy with this cute Mummy Costume idea from Costume Works. This is a simple DIY and all you need to recreate this look is medical gauze, white dog pajamas and some tea water.

  6. Unicorn Costume:

    This unicorn pet costume is colorful and comfortable. For this DIY Unicorn costume from Musely, you’ll need some felt, fake leaves, fake flowers and unicorn colored faux fur and some elastic.

Purchasing a pet costume for Halloween can be super expensive, so dress up your furry friend for Halloween with these simple DIY costumes