DIY Halloween Costumes that will make you the phantom of the night!


Halloween is celebrated on 31st October each year. It originated from the Celtic festival of Samhain. According to the tradition, spirits come down to earth on this day, thus, people dressed up in costumes and lit bonfires to ward off the demons. Eventually, November 1st was dedicated to honour the Saints and was called as ‘All Saints Day’. Thus, the evening before the All Saints Day was known as All Hallows Eve which evolved to the current day Halloween.

Halloween – a day dedicated to remember the dead is now an event that is celebrated all over the world. And Indians are going gaga over it too. Restaurants are decorated with in the Halloween theme and Halloween parties are organized. And people deck up in scariest costumes. However, finding costumes for Halloween isn’t easy in India and even if you do end up finding them, they are way too expensive. So how about some DIY halloween costumes?

Here are some costume ideas for couples, but these work well individually too.

1.) What is scarier than a clown? Two clowns i.e. The clown couple! Try this creepy clown couple DIY outfit from Costume Works.

2.) Mad Doctor and Psycho Nurse:For the mad doctor, buy a lab coat , cover your clothes with fake blood and try this makeup from Vanity Venom. For the Psycho Nurse try this DIY costume and makeup tutorial from Larissa DSa and you’re all set to send everyone to a hospital.

3.) Skeleton Couple:Black clothes, white tape and a free printable skeleton mask – the easiest DIY costume so far and doesn’t require a lot of time too. If you’re ready to spend some time on the DIY, use a white paint instead of tape and makeup instead of mask.

4.) Zombie couple:How about playing someone who’s already dead? For this look, you’ll need some worn out clothes and zombie makeup using kitchen products.

5.) If you don’t wish to experiment too much with your costume you, deck up with some Vampire makeup or half-skull makeup from Roxxsaurus.