CAT 2018: Important Details and Study Tips !


The countdown for CAT Exam has begun and applicants have started feeling the pressure. Don’t miss out on the important dates and details in the pressure.

CAT 2018 Important Dates & Details
Application Form Availability Starts August 8, 2018, Wednesday
Application process closes September 19, 2018, Wednesday at 5:00 PM
CAT 2018 Application Fee INR 1900
Date of Exam November 25, 2018, Sunday
Admit Card October 24, 2018, 1:00 PM Onwards


Now let’s get to the study tips:

Get your basics right: For CAT preparation, this is the most essential step and should not be ignored. With strong basics, it becomes easier to at least get started with the problems. If your basics are not strong, no amount of preparation will give you the results you want. So get those basics right, before diving deep into the subject.

Consistency: Whether you’re starting your preparation or revising, consistency is the key now. Only with focused and consistent study, you can crack the exam.

Address your weak areas and master the strong areas:  Don’t take up crash-courses in the last minute. Go through the syllabus and begin by focussing on your weakness, i.e. at least get your basics right in these areas. In the last few weeks master your strong areas. Solve a few topic-wise tests to test your strong and weak areas.

Solve mock tests and analyze your performance: Most aspirants focus on taking maximum number of tests. This approach is a setup for failure unless you’re getting all the questions right. Instead, give one mock and analyze your performance and focus on improving in those areas or ignore those completely and attempt the questions from the areas you are comfortable in.

Take breaks: Plan smaller study sessions that are productive instead of studying continuously for hours and not perfecting even a single concept.

And finally, avoid getting panicked. A calm mind is more productive than a panicked one. So relax and give it your best!