Top 10 Casual Wardrobe essentials for men!


Are your jeans baggy and reaching the heels of your shoes? are you wearing the sweater your mother got you eight years ago? Face it people after every couple of years we need to revamp our wardrobe. Owing to the change in trends and wear and tear due to time we need to update our wardrobe with the fresh and trending styles! Now, before you close this article, thinking that we are questioning your style quotient or this is a style intervention, let me tell you, it is not! So, it is just a simple list of pieces every guy should own.

1) Straight Leg- Jeans

These are the straight middle ground for those who are not into the skinny fit jeans are the baggy jeans. They are tailored enough to make you look well put together and stylish enough to make you look from this century instead of those baggy jeans which made you look like a time traveller from, the 70’s. Also, these jeans offer you the perfect amount of leg room which means you can wear them anytime and be comfortable,

2) Solid Crew neck t-shirts

You are not a12 year old anymore, are you? Every day I see 30-year old guys wearing Superman t-shirts or those ‘Hard Rock’ T-shirts. Please, guys, learn to dress according to your age. Those cheap printed t-shirts are a bargain to buy but please invest in a properly tailored solid t-shirt and you will notice a major difference.

3) Classic Trenchcoats

If you live in a region where the temperature plays cold games with you then a trench coat is a must for you. Classic trench coats are made to withstand the harsh weather and keep you well protected from it. You can obviously go for the long sherlock holmes type trench coats but we are living in the 21st century and you can now go for the more contemporary shortcut coat.

4) Classic Grey Sweatshirt

The way a man dresses while relaxing represents more about his style quotient than how he dresses for work. it is easy to fall into the trap of sloppy loungewear. Ditch the hobby of old shabby t-shirts as you relaxing clothes and replace them with solid loungewear t-shirts and in winters replace them with a classic grey sweatshirt! Pair those sweatshirts with a pair of sweat shorts and you are ready to hit the grocery store or laze around.

5) Colourful Socks

Might seem a bit weird to you but when you wear trousers and sit your socks show up a bit. If not you need to change your tailor. However, rather than bouncing between the two, black and white colour, go for a different approach. Mix it up, colour coordinate your socks with that of your shirt or your tie! A man who wants to blend in the crowd will go for black but the one who wants to differentiate will mix it up!

6) Versatile Blazer

One of the oldest trick in the book to dress up is to put up a blazer on the outfit. Many people think that buying a blazer means breaking the bank. Make matching the blazer easy by choosing the one with subtle colours or patterns.

7) Lace-up leather boots

Kick your style quotient up a notch by adding a lace-up leather boot to your collection of Adidas superstars and converse. If you choose the right pair of shoes, you will be able to match the both of your jeans as well as your trousers. Prefer a shoe that looks more formal rather than rugged!

8) Weekend Bag

Going for a small weekend getaway to the nearby hill station or at your parent’s house? Carrying a suitcase for two days of clothes is pointless and carrying clothes in a backpack is a childish thing to do. So, here comes the men’s duffle bag, bigger than a backpack smaller than a suitcase. Also, goes perfectly with your macho bravado. Leather ones are just to die for, but if you are on a budget then the simple cotton or nylon ones would do!

9) The best running shoes

Now, after styling up your work shoes by wearing lace-ups boots, try wearing a good pair of running shoes to the gym! Do not wear the simple plain old white converse to the gym. You will look like a noob! Invest in a good pair of running shoes.

10) Comfy Sweat-shorts

Looking for workout shorts which can also double up as lounge shorts then, sweat-shorts are the ideal pair for you. The ideal shorts should fall somewhere in between loose and form-fitting, and should always hit just above the knee.

So these were the essentials for men without which your wardrobe is incomplete.