Bizarre Yet Relaxing ASMR Videos: Trending on Youtube!


The world of Youtube is a strange one, new unique trends gain popularity every now and then. Some of the weird trends of Youtube Include 100 layers, 10,000 calories in a day challenge, pimple popping challenge and Mukbang videos. The current weird trend on Youtube are ASMR Videos.

ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is a technique practised for relaxation. In this relaxation technique, a collection of very subtle and very delicate sounds create a rush of tingles from scalp to spine and give pleasure to the listener. Apparently, ASMR videos help people relieve stress, meditate and fall asleep. People refer creators of these videos as ASMRtists.

The trigger sounds can be different for different people. Millions of videos are available on Youtube to cater to a different audience. Whispers, brushing, crinkling of plastic, tapping,  scratching, blowing, page-turning, hand movements are some common triggers. Not every sound is pleasant everyone. While some of these sounds relax certain people, the same sounds can irritate others (misophonia).

Watching someone scratch, turn pages or brush hair might seem weird, but it appears that there’s an audience who loves these videos as popular ASMR videos get millions of views. Research on this phenomena is still in progress.

If you’d like to try this strange relaxation technique check out videos from popular ASMRtists.

  1. Gibi ASMR: Gibi decided to be the part of ASMR community after accidentally discovering and enjoying various ASMR videos. She makes ASMR videos about cosplay, roleplay and makeup.

2. ASMR Darling: This popular ASMRist makes videos to help relaxation, focus, sleep and highly sensational tingling.

3. Gentle Whispering: If you’re looking to simply relax and stay stress-free, her ASMR videos with all kinds of delicate sounds are for you.

4. Caroline ASMR: Caroline makes no speaking videos with a variety of triggers. She is also popular for her ASMR live streams

5. ASMR requests: Ally makes role play and chatting videos with her soothing soft voice.

Put on your earphones and try this outlandish relaxation technique.