Are E-cigarettes safe? An eye opener guide!!


E-cigarette devices consists of nicotine which can affect your health severely over the time.

  • E-cigarettes are battery-operated devices that have containers filled with liquid. This liquid is usually made harmful chemicals.
  • E-cigarettes contain particles of nicotine and nicotine is known to be an addictive substance. Especially, people with heart issues should avoid e-cigarettes. Not only for people with a weak heart, it can also be detrimental for others health as well.


  • Vaporiser is bad for a pregnant woman as well, even if she is a passive smoker and not a active one. It has the ability to damage the baby in the womb. It can damage the developing brain of the child and could impact their memory and concentration level.

Health experts are of the opinion that vaporiser is less dangerous than smoking. According to experts, cigarette smoking kills people because of the harmful chemicals that are burned and then inhaled. In e-cigarette, people are less exposed to those harmful chemicals but they too have the ability to develop health issues to an extent. As e-cigarettes are also not safe for health and lead to health issues, they are banned in no-smoking zones.