Anushka Sharma breaks the Internet with these Sui Dhaaga Memes!


The trailer of Anushka Sharma and Varun Dhawan’s Movie Sui-Dhaaga released on August 12, 2018. It’s the story of a couple Mamta and Mauji chasing their dreams. However, the netizens immediately started sharing memes of Anushka Sharma. While the movie won’t release until September 28, 2018; these memes are for you.

Twitterati and Instagramers  shared memes of the scene depicting different situations and Anushka in unusual places!

We’re sure you’ve seen enough memes on #SuiDhaaga and #AnushkaSharma already! But we don’t want you to miss out on anything hilarious!

  1. What Anushka Feels about Social Media? Let’s begin with what’s on Anushka Sharma’s mind right now. Anushka’s face on John Wick 2 trailer.

2) Anushka with Undertaker: Even Undertaker looks confused looking at Anushka’s serious face during the casket match!

3) Anushka and Virat’s Relationship: Anushka and Virat are one of the most popular couples in the country.  Anushka’s photo on the field waiting for Virat – Relationship Goals!!!

4) Anushka with the 2007 Indian World Cup Team: While Virat Kohli was still playing for Under 19 cricket team, Anushka Sharma already fit the 2007 World Cup Team.

5) Anushka On the Moon: Who walked on the moon first? Neil Armstrong! Looks like that wasn’t true – Anushka Sharma was already there!

6) Anushka ruins the royal wedding: Anushka was at the Royal Wedding too and not as a guest but as Prince Harry’s bride. We wish we could see Prince Harry’s face in the picture!

7) Anushka in Bahubali: If Anushka acted as Shivagami Devi instead of Ramya, this expression would fit there too!

8) Anushka at Priyanka’s Roka: Looks like Anushka Sharma was invited to Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’ Roka!

9) Anushka – The Superwoman –  Now we know why Anushka’s everywhere – because she’s a superwoman!

10) This one’s not about her!

11) We have a bonus meme for you!