8 Car Hacks Every Car Owner Must Know!


Being a car owner is amazing yet hectic as maintaining a car isn’t a piece of cake for everyone. So here are amazing car hacks that can make things easier for you.






Fix car scratches with nail polish

Car scratches can look really ugly, but painting a car can be expensive. A smart way to fix a car scratch is to use nail polish of the closest shade over it, allow it to dry and the scratch will be less visible – just like that!

Use toothpaste to sparkle the headlights

Car headlights get dull over a period of time. To make then as good as new, apply toothpaste on them, leave it for about 15 minutes and wipe off with a wet towel. The shine will be restored easily.

Skip cleaning windows and mirrors

Wiping the car each morning, especially when your running late can be time taking. If you don’t have a car cover to protect the mirrors from dust, wrap the side mirror in plastic cover and windshield wipe in tube socks. Put an old bed sheet on the windshield. Just get rid of everything and you’re ready to go!

Cushion your car parking

This is a cool hack if you are a new car owner. How often have you bumped the parking wall?  Line your parking area with pool noodles to create a bumper parking. Use a glue to stick them to the wall and prevent your car from scratches in the parking area.

Get rid of stickers

Unnecessary stickers can spoil the appearance of your car. To remove stickers from windshield simply place an ice pack on the sticker and hold for few minutes. The adhesive will freeze and you can remove the sticker with a razor.

Cup Holders

Cup holders in car can get really dirty. Use a silicone cupcake liner in the cupholder – they can be removed and cleaned easily.

Car Organiser

Purchasing a car organizer can be expensive. Simply hang a shoe organizer at the back of the passenger seat to easily organize the items your car.

Rubber band or phone holder?

Use a rubber band to mount your phone in the car.