7 Shows You Should Watch On Amazon Prime


Browsing through the huge video library of Amazon Prime and deciding what to watch can be daunting. To make things a little easy for you, here’s a list of some of the best shows on Amazon!

Sneaky Pete: It’s the story of Marius, a con man gets out of prison and assumes the identity of his cellmate, Pete to start over. Marius is a very intelligent character who you could describe as a professional scammer. He’s a master of conviction and makes people easily believe his stories. The show is currently in it’s second season where Marius tries to leave his past behind and start fresh. But he is dragged back into the drama

Startup: The plot is about three characters who could not be more different. By a cascade of incidents they are forced to work together and end up being tech entrepreneurs for a cryptocurrency that gets involved criminal activities. They want to fulfill their dream of a better life but a corrupt FBI agent tries to get his share and makes things difficult for them.

Mr. Robot: In this thriller show, a computer programmer Elliot get hired by a mysterious group’s leader called as Mr. Robot and joins his group of hacktivists – fsociety. One of the missions of fsociety is to cancel to debts of consumers by deleting data of one of the biggest corporations in the world – E Corp. The twist here is that E Corp is also Allsafe’s (the company Elliot works for) client.

Goliath: This series is about Billy Bob Thornton, a lawyer who goes against his former law firm when dealing with a case of accidental death that turns into a conspiracy. A fight between David and Goliath is carried out in court!

The Terror: The terror is a series based on true events. Two warships get trapped in ice near Arctic. Watch the tale of survival of the crew who face mutiny, cannibalism, starvation, extreme weather conditions and much more.

Mozart in the Jungle: This Amazon Original series that began in 2014 has won Golden Globe Award. The show is about the revolutionary conductor Rodrigo and the talented oboe player Hailey. The New York Philharmonic is about to undergo a drastic change with the new conductor Rodrigo who brings a fresh wind into the old structures of the orchestra. The series has four seasons and a total of 40 episodes.

The Looming Tower: The Looming Tower is based on an award winning non-fiction book by Lawrence Wright. It shows the rivalry between the CIA and FBI in the late 1900s and the turn of events that set the stage for the 9/11 tragedy.

What are you watching on Amazon Prime currently?