7 Must-do’s To Grow Your Hair Longer


Want to grow your hair longer? Here are quick tips that can work wonders!

  1. Trim it: Trimming your hair won’t aid hair growth directly, but indirectly does. Trimming hair from time to time prevents split ends. Don’t wait for too long. Make scissors your friends every three months!
  2. Don’t skip the conditioner: It’s important to condition your hair each time you wash it. Conditioner makes your hair look healthy, prevents it from damage by replacing the protein and lipids in the hair shaft.


  3. Take a break from the heating tools: Avoid using a hair drying or other heating tools to style your hair frequently. And if you really need to style it, don’t skip the heat protectant spray. Stay away from accessories that are hard on your hair. Damaged hair grows slowly, so avoid anything that may cause damage to your hair.


  4. Eat nutritious food: A well-balanced diet rich with nutrients is essential for growing healthy hair. Eat foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids and don’t skip your daily dose of vitamins. Also, make sure you drink lots of water.


  5. Keep your scalp clean: A clean scalp is essential for hair growth, so use a mild shampoo to wash your hair twice or thrice a week, however, don’t overdo it. Washing your hair too often can wash away the natural oils of the scalp and inhibit hair growth.


  6. Bid adieu to chemicals: Chemical-based hair products and gels give you a flawless look temporarily, but the after-effects are bad. Chemical based products have sulfate – they strip away sebum and slow-down the rate of hair growth.


  7. Pamper your hair with a message: Massages help in pushing blood to the follicles, thus providing the right nourishment to your hair. Heat a little coconut oil or any other hair oil, apply it on scalp and roots and massage it into the scalp with your fingertips with circular motions.  Leave the oil on, at least for an hour and then shampoo as usual.

And finally, be patient and stick to all the above tips and you’ll have longer locks in a very short period of time.