7 Delicious Navratri Fasting Recipes You Should Try!


Fasting for Navratri? Vrat wale chawal, sabudana and aloo tomato curry are staples for Navratri fasting in most homes. However, having the same items for the all the fasting days can get boring. We’ve compiled a list of delicious Navratri fasting recipes to make your fasting a feast! Navratri is starting from tomorrow, so let’s have a look at these delicious Fasting recipes.

  • Vrat Wali Idli – If you love south india food, try making these vrat wale chawal ki idli with vrat wali coconut chutney from Veg Recipes of India. Just like regular idli, the batter requires fermentation. Apart from sama ke chawal (barnyard millet), you’ll need sabudana (tapioca pearls) for this recipe.

  • Vrat Wale Pancakes – Pancakes in fasting? Well, we’re sure you never imagined indulging in them during fasting. To make these instant and yummy pancakes from JOOS Food-Health you would need, sama ke chawal, kuttu (buckwheat), coconut, jaggery and ripe bananas.

  • Paneer Tikka – Who doesn’t love Paneer Tikka? Whether you’re hosting a navratri party or just looking for something different in your vrat ki thali, this paneer tikka from Zayka Ka Tadka  is worth a try. Paneer, capsicum and tomatoes are marinated in hung curd mixture and then roasted on a tawa.

  • Farali Dhokla – This Farali dhokla from whisk affair made with singhare ka atta and kuttu ka atta is as healthy and delicious as the regular besan dhokla and can be put together in less than 20 minutes. So if you’re looking for a recipe that’s healthy, easy and fills you up, try this one!

  • Navratri Pizza – Pizza in Navratri? Well, yes! Chef Ashay Dhopatkar shows you how to make this mouth-watering pizza recipe. The dough is made with kuttu ka atta and sabudana flour, the sauce is made with tomatoes and herb mixture. The toppings used in this recipe are makhanas and paneer, but you could experiment with your own variations.

  • Falahari Aloo Paneer ki Tikki – Treat your tastebuds to this tempting aloo paneer tikki from Let’s Cook Healthy Tonight that can be prepared is less than 20 minutes.

  • Vrat ke Papdi Chaat – Craving for something tangy, sweet and spicy? Try this papdi chaat recipe from Indian Khana. The papdis are made with Rajgira Atta(Amaranth Flour) and topped with boiled potato, sweet chutney and green chutney.