7 Delicious Egg Recipes You Can Easily Make At Home


Eggs are a high-protein ingredient with a lot of other nutrients. However, eating eggs in the same style (boiled, omelet, fried or scrambled) can get boring. Here are 7 delicious egg recipes you must try!

Mexican Frittata

Breakfast, lunch or dinner – this recipe from The Faux Martha can be made for any meal. Apart from eggs, you’ll need sweet potatoes, black beans, garlic, chipotle pepper, onion and honey as the main ingredients. .Feel free to make your own variation with your choice of vegetables. The vegetables and eggs mixture is first cooked on stove slightly and then transferred to the oven to bake for 20 minutes.

Egg Sandwich

A classic recipe from Lulu Grimes appropriate for breakfast. A great option to take a break from omelet, the sandwich is made with a filling of boiled eggs and mayonnaise.

Egg Custard

Looking for a simple yet yummy dessert recipe that requires minimal effort and ingredients, try the Egg Custard. Milk, sugar, vanilla extract and of course, eggs are the only ingredients required to make this custard recipe from Epicurious.

Egg Pizza

Make this healthy pizza with a twist and indulge guilt-free. Eggs, vegetables, cheese and pizza seasoning are the ingredients to put together this mouth-watering Egg Pizza recipe from Times Food.

Spanish Tortilla

Potatoes and Eggs are the main ingredients required for this Spanish style omelet by Daniel Gritzer that are usually served with Aioli. The recipe can be served hot or cold. The leftovers can be refrigerated and used up to 3 days.

Chinese Style Tomato Eggs

Tomatoes and eggs are cooked together to put together this Chinese style omelet recipe shared by Rasa Malaysia. It is a 10-minute recipe, however, to make the perfect tomato eggs, you’ll need some practice.

Egg Salad

Whether you’d wish to have an egg salad mixed with vegetables or a filling for a healthy burger or sandwich, you must try this recipe by Yumna Jawad. Boiled eggs, parsley, celery and greek yogurt are the main ingredients for this healthy egg recipe.