7 Best Cities In India To Live And Work!


According to the Annual Survey of India’s CitySystems (ASICS), these are the best cities to live and work in India(2018).


The capital city of Telangana also called the city of Nizams is one of the fastest growing cities in India. Besides IT opportunities, Hyderabad is an emerging center of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies called the Genome Valley. It was ranked as the first city with the best quality of living.


Pune one of the fastest growing information technology hubs in India is popular for its educational facilities as well. Apart from IT, it is also home for various automotive and manufacturing companies. It is the second best city to live and work in India.


Bangalore now named as Bengaluru is a home to numerous IT companies. This is the destination where the IT industry emerged in India, thus it is also called the Silicon Valley of India. It is also home to many startups. It ranks #3 on the list of cities to live and work.


At number 4 is Chennai, formerly known as Madras and commonly called the Cultural Capital of South India. This city has the third largest expatriate population in India. It is called as the Detroit of India as more third of India’s automobile industry is here.


The financial, commercial as well as entertainment capital of India is the most populous city of India yet has a charm that no city can ever replace. The infrastructure, transportation, education institutes and business opportunities make it one of the best cities to live and work in India.


The capital of West Bengal is the best place to live if you have a good job. Why? It is cheaper than other metros and has various food, entertainment and transportation options.

New Delhi

Listed at number 7 is New Delhi – the capital of India and one of the most happening cities of India. Though living in Delhi is expensive, for the opportunities that you get, it’s totally worth it. It is a popular tourist hub and commercial hub of India. If you’re starting out, it is one of the best cities to start your career.