5 Whisky Cocktails Everyone Must Try!


When it comes to going high on whisky – Irish, Single Malt, Bourbon to Rye, the options are endless. The list of whisky cocktails is endless too. However, there are some tried and tested whisky cocktails that are classic and will always stand out.

Whisky Sour

If you’re trying out a whisky cocktail for the first time, this is where you must begin. The whisky sour is all about creating a perfect blend of flavours with lemon juice, gomme syrup, egg white and of course the Bourbon Whisky.  The traditional whisky sour recipe calls for egg white as one of the main ingredients, however, this ingredient is skipped in most bars nowadays.

Fun Fact: August 25 is the National Whisky Sour Day


A concoction of ginger, honey, lemon and Scotch makes this spicy cocktail a great one to unwind with after a long day at work. Penicillin should be your go to drink if you have a cold or sore throat.


This is the go to cocktail of whisky lovers. Though easy to make, perfecting the recipe of old-fashioned whisky takes a lot of practice. Bourbon or Rye whisky with Angostura bitters, sugar, orange peel and ice are muddled together to make this more than 200 years old cocktail recipe.


Made with Rye whisky, dry vermouth, bitters and garnished with Maraschino Cherry is the recipe of Manhattan cocktail which is more than 100 years old. Though, not as popular as the old-fashioned, Manhattan is a classic whisky cocktail that will never go out of style.

Mint Julep

Served in Julep Cups, this Kentucky Derby is made with bourbon whiskey, mint and simple syrup. There are many variations of this classic whisky cocktail. In some recipes of the Mint Julep, mint is crushed, whereas in other recipes mint leaves are added just for their fragrance and should not be tasted. Whatever the recipe, this a great drink for summers.

Make your own variations of these classic whisky cocktails or try them when you head to a bar next time!