5 Things Every First Time Mom Goes Through


From the thought of delivering a baby to what follows after, everything is a new experience for a first-time mom. Irrespective of how old a woman is, she is never really prepared of what lies ahead. But here are 5 things every first-time mom would want to confess.

  1. She’s not the same person anymore (Physically and Mentally) – Bringing in a new life is life-changing. A new mom feels fat, hormonal and the responsibility of doing the best for her baby and this changes her as a person. The stress may even lead to postpartum depression. The changes that happen are unavoidable and there’s not much a new mom can do about it and she hates that!
  2. Breastfeeding can be a challenge – For a lot of new moms breastfeeding is easy, however, the number of moms who struggle with breastfeeding is high too. Numerous problems could come up – the baby may not latch, she may not produce enough milk or feeding can be really painful. As a first-time mom, if you have any trouble, make sure you visit a lactation specialist as soon as possible to ensure you’re able to overcome the struggles.
  3. Mommy guilt is real – No matter what a mom does, she never feels she’s done enough. She cries when her baby cries and blames herself for the baby’s discomfort. A new mom should always remember she’s doing her best and her baby will be okay.
  4. She doesn’t trust her baby with anyone – She may complain about how she needs a break from the baby and she can’t deal with it anymore. However, even if someone offers help, she won’t really trust them with her baby. Irrespective of how exhausted she is, she always wants to be in charge when it comes to her baby.
  5. She doesn’t want advice on being the perfect mommy – A lot of people will try to teach her how to take care of the baby, what to feed, what to buy, how to dress them and much more. But she doesn’t appreciate that.

Bringing a new life into this world is an overwhelming experience. But the road that follows is bumpy!