5 Tasty Things You Can Make With Nutella!


Anyone who loves chocolate, loves nutella… But who doesn’t like chocolate? Everybody does! So basically Nutella is loved by everyone. And one can never have enough of this Chocolate Hazelnut spread. So we’ll show you a few ways to indulge in Nutella!

Fun Fact – Did you know February 5th is celebrated as World Nutella Day?


Nutella Marshmallow Pizza

Pizza can be eaten as dessert too i.e., if it’s made with nutella!

What you’ll need? A Tortilla Wrap, Lots of Nutella and lots of Marshmallows!


  1. Place the tortilla wrap on a baking tray. This will be your pizza base.
  2. Spread lots of nutella on it.
  3. Make small pieces of each marshmallow and spread it on the base.
  4. Bake it in the oven for 10 mins at 150 degrees. And your yummy nutella pizza will be ready!

Hot Chocolate with Nutella

Nutella Jar almost over? This is the perfect recipe to use up all the nutella in the jar.

What you’ll need? A cup of milk, Nutella, and some cream (optional)


  1. Heat milk, allow it to cool a little.
  2. Pour it in the nutella jar and shake, shake, shake!
  3. Finally top it with some cream(optional). And your nutella hot chocolate is ready in minutes.

Stuffed Strawberries

Heavenly nutella filled and chilled strawberries make for an easy yet luscious dessert.

What you’ll need? Some strawberries and of course Nutella!


  1. Cut out the stem of strawberries
  2. Fill nutella in the center
  3. Add toppings of your choice
  4. Freeze it for an hour and you’re nutella-stuffed strawberries are ready, just like that!

Vanilla Ice-Cream With Nutella

Another great way to eat even the last bit of nutella from the jar when it’s almost over!

What you’ll need? A scoop or a little more of vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, sprinkles and of course nutella.


  1. Add the vanilla ice cream in nutella jar (that’s almost over) and mix well
  2. Top it with some whipped cream (optional)
  3. And add some sprinkles (optional)

You could also experiment with your favorite flavour of ice cream and toppings.

Nutella Ice Cream

Making ice cream doesn’t have to be a tiresome process. Try this DIY nutella ice cream recipe!

What you’ll need? Nutella, cream and milk.


  1. Add nutella, cream and milk in a mug.
  2. Mix thoroughly.
  3. Set the mixture in the freezer for few hours. And Voila! Your nutella ice cream is ready!

For more amazing recipes, watch the video below: