5-Minute Flower Arrangement Ideas For Any Occasion


Flowers are beautiful, they can transform any space instantly. Decorating flowers in the same vase can get boring. So here are 5-minute flower arrangement ideas you must try!

Metallic Gold Vase

For this DIY from Monica, you’ll need a metallic gold tape and a glass container/vase. Just make a pattern by sticking metallic gold tape and convert a cheap flower vase into an uber-cool one.

Chalk Marker Vase

Update your flower vase every day with this simple chalk marker vase DIY from Paint Sew Glue Chew. Buy white colored pots and write a new message or draw something new on them every day. Or you could buy colored pots and use while and black sketches to write/draw on them.

Floating Flower Arrangement with Bubble Wrap

This DIY from Christine De Beer is a perfect way to use the leftover flowers on festivals. Take bubble wrap, cut it in a circle of size little smaller than flowers. Fold the circle and make a hole in the center. Add the bubble wrap to the flower through the stem and set it to float.

DIY Submerged Flower Centerpiece

For this DIY from ‘The Chic Site’ submerged flower decoration, you’ll need transparent glass vases. Fill water in the flower vase halfway and decorate your flowers in it.  Once done, fill the rest of the vase with water and submerge the flowers. Arrange flowers in 3 to 4 vases and decorate a table or a corner in your home.  

Rainbow Centerpiece

For this DIY from Papery and Cakery, you’ll need lots of flower vases, food color and of course flowers. This is a great centerpiece idea if you’re throwing a Holi party. Add water in each flower vase and less than a drop of color in each flower vase, arrange as you like and brighten up any space in your home.

Pearls in Vase

For this idea from Idea Stand, you’ll need two glass containers – one must be slightly smaller than the other. Place the smaller glass container in the large one and fill the gap between the both with fake pearls. Then arrange your flowers in the vase and you’ll have the most elegant flower arrangement.