5 Major Pitfalls of Dieting!


The number of people trying to lose weight and stay fit is staggering. There are gyms opening up in every corner, dieticians are booming, different techniques of dieting are booming. But, does everyone wants to get fit or look fit? There is a huge difference between the two. People who try to be fit, accept their body and understand the long and tedious process of getting fit and they do not run behind hard rock abs rather they run behind controlling their cholesterol and BMI. Whereas people who want to look fit will go to extreme measures to lose weight or make themselves bulky. These kinds of people would starve themselves, to get hard rock abs.

They will follow a strict dieting regime which will eventually be a cause for their depleting health.  Each time we start a new diet, we believe in the illusion that only dieting will help us. Whereas, various research tells us that 90% of dieters gain all or even more of their weight back! People who have maintained their natural weight are not dieters. Here are major pitfalls of dieting which you should avoid falling into!

Here are 5 Major pitfalls of Modern Diets which abstain us from losing weight.


Many diet regimes ask you to cut out a major nutrient, one diet plan will ask you to cut carbohydrates the other will tell you to limit proteins or some will say live totally for free. Well, the truth is far beyond this, actually, our body needs all form of nutrient to function properly. Our bodies are made in such a way that we should consume all the nutrients found in the major food sources on the earth. If you go too long restricting one of the major nutrients, you are bound to find your body taking over in the form of increasing cravings or impaired functioning.

Stop expecting too much too soon

“After this weekend’s party, I will start with my dieting” YOu must have noticed yourself or your friends talk like this, right? The problem with us is we are used to one unhealthy lifestyle and we expect ourselves to transform our diets, eating habits, ways of coping with our day, stress patterns, and moods all overnight. It is simply not realistic, there is nothing like an overnight success. Small consistent changes in our habits are the only way to achieve success. We have to master one change at a time and then move to the next one. A shift toward a healthy lifestyle should be doable as per your lifestyle and also must work for your unique body type and needs.

Same diet suits all

No one is alike or the same. No two bodies are same, everyone has a different functioning mechanism, some have high BP, some have good twitch muscles and etc. there is no specific diet that fits every person. You have your unique biochemistry, food tolerances, nutrient needs, metabolism, activity level, stress level, personal preferences, the list can go on and on. So, understanding your needs is a personal process. Majority of the time when your diet plan does not work for you is because it is not for you! Get your diet schedule made as per your needs, your body type! Do not follow the diet of a famous celebrity, your body is different and unique and so are you.

Too much thought on food

How much do you think about food? We are now obsessed with food in the morning we are thinking about our dinner and while having dinner we are thinking about our breakfast. what do you think how thought would a person 200 years ago from now put on the food they were going to eat that day? You are not supposed to over analyze and calculate before every meal you consume. Just eat normally, reconnect with how food impacts our energy levels, mental state and body shape.

An emphasis on the ‘cannot’

Remember the last diet you tried to follow or the diet you are currently following. whether it is a nutrient you can not have, the number of calories you can not intake or a specific food type you must avoid.  The emphasis on what you can not have are always going to backfire. If you are constantly thinking about stuff you cannot eat then, on the contrary, you are still thinking about it, right? We are battling all day thinking about the foods we are not supposed to eat, tempting our willpower like that is a lose-lose scenario! Rather focus on the things you can eat, focus on adding good things to your diet. Think about the good and healthy foods you will be eating, and once you start doing it regularly, you will no more crave that cheese burst pizza.

So, these were some of the pitfalls of dieting you should avoid falling into. Also, while following a diet and going to the gym you must keep your goal clear in mind. Whether you want to be fit or just look fit? If you just want to look fit because society and your friends are calling you fat or skinny, do not listen to them. No point going to the gym, following a diet and crying at night because you can not eat what you love. Love yourself and accept your body as it is, no one else should make that decision for you except yourself! You are perfect the way you are. If you are planning to go to the gym then check out our article  – The gym etiquettes every modern gentleman should follow.