4 Bar Tricks You Must Try!


Bar tricks are a great way to get some free drinks. Trick your friends to buy drinks for you by challenging with these bar tricks.

Rising Beer Bottle

  • What you’ll need : A flat beer bottle
  • Set up: Place a beer bottle in overturned position on a flat surface.
  • Challenge: Lifting an overturned beer bottle with thumb and first finger (without touching the rim).

Execution steps:

  1. Without anyone’s notice, rub your fingers on a leather surface (belt).
  2. Place your thumb on the side of the bottle and first or middle finger on the bottom.

Tip: Use a bottle that is chilled to make the challenge tougher while betting.

Bill between the bottles

  • What you’ll need: Two empty beer bottles and a bill
  • Setup: On a flat surface, place the banknote on the first beer bottle. Ensure the bill is centered. Then, place the second beer bottle overturned.
  • Challenge: To remove the banknote trapped between the two bottles.

Execution steps:

  1. Hold the bill with the hand.
  2. Place the right index finger on the note between the left hand and the bottles.
  3. Push the note down with your right index finger while still holding it with your left hand.
  4. Quickly bring down your right index finger with force.
  5. The note will come right off and the bottles will stay in place.

Liberating the Dollar

  • What you’ll need: A banknote, four coins and a beer bottle
  • Setup: Place a banknote on a beer bottle and place four coins on it.
  • Challenge: Remove the note without touching or knocking over the coins.

How to do it:

  1. Lick your finger. Why? The moisture will help the note stick to your finger.
  2. Then slap the dollar. The dollar will come off without knocking the coins.

Money under the bottle

  • What you’ll need: A banknote and an empty beer bottle
  • Setup: Place a banknote on a flat surface and place an overturned beer bottle on the bill. Position the bottle in the center.
  • Challenge: Removing the banknote without touching the bottle.

How to do it:

  1. Roll the bill from one side of the bottle.
  2. When you reach the middle, keep rolling the note and gently push the bottle forward.
  3. Do this until the note is released.

Challenge your friends, impress them and win some free drinks with these fun bar tricks! Watch the video right here: