16 Interesting Facts about India you probably didn’t know!


You probably must have read facts about India everywhere, like India is the biggest democracy, zero was invented in India and India has the largest railway network. But, today we are going to tell you some quirky facts about India which you must have never even heard of before.

The only floating post office is in India

It is not a new thing that India has the biggest postal network on the entire planet with around 1, 55,015 post offices spread across the nation. Now, most countries have post offices built on the ground, but no India is unique in its own way. The Indian post network includes a floating mail station in Dal Lake, Srinagar introduced in 2011.

Snakes and Ladder was originated in India

Just like chess was originated India, snakes and ladder to was originated here. The game which is now popular all around the globe was earlier known as Moksha Patamu, which was originally designed as an ethical lesson about karma to be taught to youngsters

The second Largest English speaking country in the world

India is just behind the USA when it comes to speaking English. Currently, only the 10% of your total population which is 125 million speak the language. However, this number is expected to grow marginally in the coming years!

Largest Producer of Milk


One fun fact, the white revolution was started in India by Anand milk union limited or more popularly known as AMUL. Now, India is the world’s largest milk producer with 16% of global production. Leaving behind the United States of America, China, Pakistan, and Brazil.

India was home to the first university, EVER!

Many of us aspire to go abroad for higher studies. But, little do you know that the first university ever was in India. Takshila, the first ever university in the world started around 700 BC right here, in our motherland!

The Oldest City

Do you know the oldest city in the world? No, it is not New York City! It is rather a holy place where many Indians go to straighten their Karma. Doesn’t ring a bell? The oldest city in the world is Benaras, or now popularly known as Varanasi is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world. Buddha had also visited it according to some legends.

World’s largest social gathering

Guess where do the most people gather? In sunburn or Tomorrowland? the answer is none. The world’s largest social gathering happened in India, the biggest of which was Kumbha ka Mela 2001, the holy event was attended by 60 million people and the gathering could be seen from space. Shocking right?

Voters, Voters everywhere

Well, when the voting day comes not everyone uses it as a holiday to laze around. You will be shocked to know that in the general election of 2014 when Shri. Narendra Modi won – more than 52 core people cast their vote. Surprisingly that is more than the combined population of U.S, U.K, Japan, and Australia. Shocking enough for you?

Biggest populations of vegetarians

India is home to the biggest population of vegetarians, owing to different religions and religious practices which restricts most of the population from consuming meat.

The World’s Largest importer of arms and ammunition

Though we are the largest importer of arms and ammunition we have never invaded any country, ever. What a cute little peaceful nation we are.

First To detect water on the moon

While buzz aldrin and Neil Armstrong were the first one to step on the moon, but they could not find water over there! indian moon impact probe – Chandrayaan 1 detected the presence of water ice on the moon on 14 November 2008, on children’s day to be exact!

Largest Producer of Tea

Drinking tea is India’s favourite pass time or you can say it is the India energy drink. However, it is something which was introduced in India by the British and we added milk and masala to it! Except for being the largest producers of tea, we are also the largest consumers of tea. Are you drinking tea right now?

The largest employer in the world

It is neither corporate giants like Microsoft or Google, it is the Indian Railways. The Indian railways have more than a million employees under their wing, making them the largest employers in the world. Surprisingly, the CEO’s of both Google and Microsoft are Indians!

India is home to an African community

The Indian African known as the Siddis are spread along the coast of Gujarat, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. They look African but are born and brought up in India and speak their regional language fluently. Often people mistake them for Africans as the Siddi community is not spread across the nation and many people still are unaware of them.

World’s largest school

Today, India has the world’s largest school in terms of students. The City Montessori School in Lucknow has more than 45,000 students enrolled.