10 signs which prove that you’re the Joey Tribbiani of your group…


If you have ever watched the highest rated television series FRIENDS, then you might agree that Joey is the best character in the whole series. there are other characters as well in the series like Monica Chandler Ross Rachel and Phoebe. It is safe to say that the hearty Italian guy never fails to amaze us. Not only does he have a great sense of humour and an immense love for pizza, but his (and your) qualities describe the perfect friend for your friend group.

Food is all you need

All you need in life is someone to love you as joey loves food. There has not been a moment in the show where he has turned down food. From raw jam to joey special pizza(two large pepperoni pizzas), he will eat it all and still would ask for more.

You don’t let small things affect you

Being the one who is unaffected by petty things in life is one of the many reasons you’re loved by your friends.

You will do anything for money

Just like Joey on the show, you will do anything for the money as long as it pays you well enough. From getting medical experiments to endorsing men’s lipstick, you would do it all for the hard cash.

You got the perfect one-liners

You are the most savage among your friends and do not hesitate from proving it to them from time to time. Also, you are one-liners are good enough to steal a girl’s heart.

When your best friend is your soulmate

Your best friend and you are like the inseparable brothers. sharing everything with each other, from underwear to soap, then basically you guys are Chandler and joey.

You always support your friends even if they are wrong

Perfect example for the situation, When Rachel made a cake with beef and peas in it. Joey was the one who enjoyed eating it throughout. What a supportive friend he is but well are you?

You are an impulsive buyer

You are the most likely to buy the stupidest things like boat, duck, chicken, giant plastic dog. You may not be the smartest with money, but you spend it on what makes you happy.

You are the dating guru of your group

If your friends come to you for dating advice, from scoring a perfect date to how to satisfy that date, then you are a perfect candidate for being Joey Tribbiani.

You are smooth as butter with the opposite sex

You are famous among the ladies for your mad flirting skills and your hilarious one-liners. ‘How you doin?’

You don’t let your age stop you from having fun

You are the one in charge of making the cardboard fort in the living room for the kids.

So, these are all the signs that prove you or one of your friends is the Joey Tribbiani of the group, relatable right? So go ahead build a fort, eat meat cake and order a joey special, because you are the funniest and sweetest friend one can have.

Share it with the friend who is the Joey of your group and with others who are like Chandler, Rachel, Monica, Ross, and Phoebe.