10 Everyday Things You’ve Been Doing Wrong!


1. Putting on Earphones: Most of us put the earbuds directly into the ear. The right way to wear earphones is the wrap them above the ear and then put it into the ear. Wearing earphones this way will ensure your earphones don’t keep falling off. It keeps them in place and allows you to listen to your favourite music with any interruption.

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2. Microwaving food: When microwaving food, we spread the food evenly in plate/box. This leads to uneven heating. Dig a hole in your food when heating it in microwave to ensure even and quick heating.

Img Credit: Bruce and Jeanne Lubin

3. Opening a snack packet: The most common and wrong way to open a snack bag is to open it from the top. Open the bag from side and it will act like a bowl. You’ll no longer need to dip your hand into the bag to grab the snack.

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4. Separate Egg Yolks: Grab a plastic bottle to suck up the egg yolk to separate it from the egg white with ease.

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5. Peeling a Banana: The right way to peel a banana is from bottom. If consuming ripe banana it ensures that the fruit doesn’t get squished.


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6. Right way to eat Tic Tac: Dispensing a tic tac can be difficult. Place the box upside down and open the lid, a tic tac will get dispensed easily.

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7. Right way to strike off text: Can there be a right way to strike off text? Well, yes there is! When you strike off text vertically, it is still readable. Next time you wish to strike off anything, write random letters above the words and it will be practically impossible to read the text.

8. Peeling out a sticky note: Most of us pull out the sticky note from bottom to up, this leads to curl in the adhesive area. Start from left to right or vice versa and you’ll have a flat sticky note!

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9. Pouring juice: Most of attempt to pour juice straight from opening into the glass. This causes a lot of mess. The no-mess way to do it is to pour from over the cardboard fold on the carton and into the glass.

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10. Eating a toblerone: Breaking a piece of toblerone can be messy. Push the tip of the triangle inwards and it will break off smoothly.

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