Top Seafood Destinations In India!


Love seafood? Head to these popular seafood destinations of India to enjoy flavourful seafood delicacies of each destination.


Goa is not just the party capital of India but can also be called the seafood capital of India. Goa that lies on the Konkan coast offers range of seafood options that include prawns, lobsters, mussels, pomfret and kingfish. To taste the authentic food, skip the high-end restaurants and head to smaller eateries run by locals. Goan Fish Curry, Caldeirada, Fried Calamari, Mussel Rawa Fry, Fried Mussels and Shark Ambot Tik are some of the dishes you must try!


Kerala is surrounded by water, thus, the Kerala Cuisine includes various seafood recipes made with fish, prawn, shrimp, crab and lobsters. Chemeen Ularthiyathu – Kerala style sautéed prawns, Karimeen Curry – Pearlspot fish curry, Fish Molly – Fish stew recipe, Meen Pollichathu – fish cooked in banana leaf, Squid Roast, Nethali Fry – fish fry are popular dishes you must taste.

West Bengal

When it comes to Bengali Food, Fish is a staple. Bengalis consume almost all varieties of fishes. Popular dishes you could try are Tangra Macher Jhol, Koi Macher Jhol, Chingri Macher Jhol, Sorshe Iilish, Chingri Malai Curry, etc.


Located in the coastal Karnataka is Mangalore that offers variety of seafood options. On your trip to Mangalore, Fish Gassi, Fish Pulimunchi, Crab Roast Fry, Anjal Masala Fry and Prawn Onion Fry are dishes you must definitely try!


Often called as the Pondy or Puducherry, this place is famous for its colonial villas and scenic sandy beaches. The seafood of Pondicherry is a blend of French and Tamilian culture. Thus, the seafood here will definitely be different from other seafood destinations of India. Popular seafood to try here are crab soup, Nandu Rasam, Tiger Prawns, Lobster Thermidor, Creole Crevette and Poisson Provencale.

Puri, Odisha

The coastal town Puri serves the best seafood from Odisha. The fish thali is very popular here. Majority of the population here are non-vegetarians.  Most recipes are made in Mustard oil. Popular seafood dishes to try here are Machna Besara – Fish in Mustard Gravy, Chingudi Malai – Creamy Prawn Curry, Kokali Sukhua Rai -A recipe made with dry fish and mustard, Kankada Jhola – the crab curry.