Things you should not miss in Pai, Thailand!


Pai is a little village in the beautiful north of Thailand that can be reached from Chiang Mai within 3 hours. It is known to be one of the most famous backpacker hubs with a special hippie and chilled out vibe to it. Moreover you will be stunned by the green nature surrounding the place. Check out the tips below:

Walking Street

It is definitely not possible to miss the Walking Street in Pai, but we had to mention it since we spent basically every night there. The little town of 4000 people offers a beautiful street filled with delicious food to die for. Furthermore you will find lots of handmade goods and souvenirs and local products.


The two most known waterfalls are the Mor Paeng waterfalls and Pam Bok waterfalls. Mor Paeng waterfall is basically a natural slide. Its lots of fun to slide down the waterfalls. When visiting the Pam Bok waterfalls drive 1.5km further to find the famous bamboobridge where you might see monks passing through early in the morning.

Rent a Scooter or Bike

Even if you haven’t ever been on a scooter before here you definitely have to! And it is also the best place to try it for beginners. Every tourist here rents out a scooter since it’s basically the only way of transportation. For this reason you also won’t find any cabs or TuksTuks around here! Also riding around Pai by yourself on a bike is the best way to explore the beautiful surrounding nature! For those who are still a bit scared of hopping on: some rentals offer insurance and also a driving lessons for a small fee. The traffic is also very easy and the locals are used to it that there are a lot of newbies around!

Pai Canyon and Lod Caves

You will find the Lod Caves 50km north of Pai. A guide will join you with a classic oil lamp to explore the cave with you. Also you will hop onto bamboo boats to ride the natural river inside the cave. After exploring the cave you should end your day with a trip to the canyon to enjoy the beautiful sunset. Furthermore if you arrive early enough at the canyon you should be able to a little hike to have your private place for the sunset.


Pai is one of the places where you will naturally adapt to the careless and chilled out vibe. It is very easy going town and offers a lot of great cafés where you can let time pass by. Definitely check out Mojo Café where you can enjoy amazing live music. The artists improvise a nice mix of blues, jazz, soul and reggae. Also check out Sunset Bar where you can enjoy some drinks while viewing the sunset and hopping in the pool.