The Etiquette guide for every man to turn into a modern gentleman – Gym Etiquettes!


This is the second article of the Etiquette guide for every man to turn himself into a gentleman. So, we hope you must have gone through the first article covering the Dating Decorum a gentleman should follow. Every man should go to the gym to keep his health maintained, well, not just men everyone should go to the gym to keep their bodies maintained. One might think what is the need for gym etiquettes as all you have to do is exercise? Well, when you go to a gym you are no that only one there and there are some gentlemanly norms which you should follow. Just because you are trying to awaken the inner beast in you and you are pumped with testosterone that does not mean you will leave your manners outside the gym door. It is crucial for the beginners to know these etiquettes as in the gym the atmosphere is different and on might feel out of place if they do no the norms of a gym. So, here are some gym rules of etiquette every man should know and follow. Please, feel free to tape them up in your gym’s locker.

1) Put your phone aside!

On an average, a person goes to the gym for just an hour or two and the rest of the time is either spent on work or on social media. We have made ourselves so available to our bosses clients and friends that we are always glued to our phones. So, while you are in the gym keep your phone aside preferably in the locker room. Now, you must be thinking that who would you listen to your favourite songs while exercising, well here is a pro tip instead of carrying your phone to the gym carry an iPod or now just carry your smartwatch with your Bluetooth earphone. Avoid the distraction and focus!

2) Rack your weights properly

Do you keep your clothes on the floor after wearing them, instead of putting them in their designated place? Probably not! So, when you are done with using the wights, show some respect to your fellow gym patron and put them back to their original place. Nothing worse than finding 25lb plate racked behind 45 lb plate.

3)Wipe Down the equipment

If you are someone who does their exercise properly then you are meant to sweat, a lot! After you are done with your bench press, wipe down the sweat from the bench or in this case wipe your sweat off of any equipment you use. Trust me, nobody wants to find a sweaty print of your bottom on the machine they want to use.

4) It is a place to maintain health not to pick the ladies

Most women who are at the gym are there to work on their bodies and like most people they are sweaty, not their attractive and want to be left alone so that they can exercise in peace. In simple words, do not treat gym like a bar, your primary focus for joining a gym should not be to meet and greet each lady there.  However, that does not mean you can not talk to them, but you should know when to back off. Please, guys, let the ladies be!

5) Do not give unsought advice!

It is a good thing that you have achieved your fitness goal and you are experienced when it comes to gymming. But that does not make you the trainer, does it?  Good for you that you have all the knowledge on how to get six pack abs, but not everyone wants to hear the tips and tricks to do so. Only, if someone asks for your opinion, should you step in and share your the encyclopedia of gym knowledge. Also, while giving an advice to someone, please keep in mind that everybody body is different. Not necessary that which regime worked for you will work for the other person as well.

6)Respect your trainers!

If you are new to they and just like any newbie following the words of your trainer then be patient. Fitness is not something which is achieved in a day and often people expect to see tremendous results in a matter of a few days. If they are unable to then they blame or lash out on their trainer. Well, you should always follow what your trainer says, do not extra but do not do less either. However, after some time you are not satisfied with the results then talk to your trainer about it calmly because he/she knows what they are doing and sometimes achieving your fitness goals is a slow process.

7) Do not roar like the Hulk

So,  you are lifting weights and it is your last set, being a dedicated person you are pushing yourself to not give up and continue. In the process, one is bound to feel pumped. Which is a good thing! But, often you will find people screaming in the last reps of their set, like actual screaming. Don’t be that person. You do not want heads to turn and cringe while looking at you. Now, while working out a soft scream or grunting is acceptable, that much happens. But, screaming on top of your lungs is forbidden. This screaming usually happens when you choose more weights. So, do not bite more than you can chew.

Bonus Tip – Look clean and wear clean clothes! Try to maintain t a proper outfit just for the gym. Wear proper clothes, shoes and accessories. Do not show up in your boxers while wearing sneakers or in those laze-around sponge bob PJ’s. Invest in a proper gear which includes all the necessary accessories as well!

These are some of the etiquettes you should follow in the gym! Keep these tips and enjoy your workout sessions at the gym.