Hairstyles You Should Wear Right Now!


A hairstyle can completely change the look of a person. And it’s not essential to chop off those tresses to get a new look. Learn different ways how to style your hair and discover a new you every day!

Clip-on bangs

Want to try bangs but not sure if you’d like to flaunt them every day? Try clip-on bangs this winter! Wear them with a bun, with a braid or simply let your hair loose, bangs will make a statement irrespective of how you style the rest of your hair.

Angular Bobs

The Angled bob is the new-found classic cut for many. Irrespective of what your hair type is, it will work well and can be styled in several ways. Celebs Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian flaunted this look this year. Go for faux bobs for experimenting this style.

Air-Dried Waves

Air dried hair can look cool too. But you must know the right way to air dry your hair. So check out this article from Byrdie to get frizz-free air-dried hair.

The Wet Look

Irrespective of which hairstyle you have, you can flaunt the wet look in style. Make sure you know how intense you want the wet look to be and whether you need a casual, chic or formal. Apply lots of styling cream all over your hair and shape them as you like!

No Parting Hairstyle

Summer or winter, a slicked-back style can transform your look. Use lots of mousse to get the slick-back and style the rest of your hair as you like – straight, wavy or curly. If heading to a party, then add a pop of colour in the front.

Style With Bobby pins

The bobby pins trend is back and this season it’s all about exposed bobby pins. Irrespective of which haircut you have, you can upgrade it with bobby pins. To get some inspiration, check out different bobby pin hairstyles by Fab.