Grooming Tools Every Man Must Have!


The modern man is very different from the traditional man. The traditional man didn’t spend a lot of time grooming himself – thanks to the non-existent grooming tools for men. But times have changed. And men today have access to a wide-range of grooming tools.

Here’s the list of basic grooming tools today’s man must have!

Shaving and Trimming Accessories

Your hair grooming kit must include a range of accessories – a razor (electric or manual), shaving brush and an electric trimmer. A razor helps in getting a clean shave whereas a trimmer aids in styling beard differently. It goes without saying that you must use different tools for facial hair and body hair to maintain hygiene.


If you’re shy to head to the salon to get your eyebrows trimmed, invest in tweezers and pluck out the extra hair. Go for the slanted-tip ones for your eyebrows, uni-brows or ingrown hair.

Nose Hair Trimmer

Some men have hair popping out of their nose and ear and it’s not their fault! To get rid of these ugly unwanted hair, use nose and ear hair trimmers that help in tackling nasty hair with ease.

Callus remover

Untidy feet with hard or cracked soles are a big turn off – irrespective of whether you’re a man or a woman. They don’t just look bad, but can also lead to a lot of bacterial and fungal infections. Head to a salon for a pedicure or invest in a callus remover. With plenty of electric callus remover options in the market, the task of keeping your feet neat and groomed is easy.

Double-sided comb

Double-sided combs come with narrow and wide tooth on each side respectively. The wider side can be used to detangle whereas the narrow side helps in hair styling. The portable pocket versions are easily available in the market.

Nail Care

Nail clippers must be used to keep your nails clean and trimmed at all times. If you deal with ingrown toenails, nippers can come to your rescue. If you’d like to take your nail care routine to the next level, invest in a manicure and pedicure set.