Glam Up On Your Wedding Day – Popular Makeup Artists In Delhi And Mumbai


Most girls dream of being the most beautiful bride on their wedding day from the time they are little! On the wedding day – all eyes will be on her. She wants the best of everything – she spends days finding the right outfit, accessories, footwear. And finally, she looks for a Makeup Artist who can work his/her magic to complete that look!

Here’s a list of top makeup artists from Delhi and Mumbai who can give you the perfect look on your Wedding Day.

Delhi Based Makeup Artists

  1.  Jasmeet Kapany – If you like a natural and subtle look, she’s the one for you. She has made a name for herself for her airbrush and special effects makeup. She’s also been listed as one of the top makeup artists of the country by vogue.Charges begin at Rs. 55,000 per function.
  2. House Of Beauty By Sahil Malhotra: Sahil Malhotra is award winning Makeup artist. He is a professionally trained makeup artist from Los Angeles. If you’re looking for airbrush makeup, he is an expert. Hire him and you’re sorted for everything – hair, makeup and styling.Price: Rs. 35,000 onwards for each function.
  3. Aakriti Kochar Studio: Makeup & Hairstyling – Aakriti is a big name in fashion, advertising, celebrities, and bridal makeup. She has the expertise to enhance one’s features with just the right amount of makeup-nothing more and nothing less. Though based in Delhi, she is open to traveling to any location.Price: Rs. 40,000 onwards per function
  4. Vidya Tikari Bridal Makeup: Vidya is one of the best makeup artists in India. She has worked with big celebrities including Sushmita Sen, Aishwarya Rai, Deepika Padukone, etc.Price: Rs. 45,000 onwards per function.

Mumbai Based Makeup Artists

  1. Ojas Rajani: She’s Aishwarya Rai’s go-to makeup artist. She’s known for her subtle look with dramatic eyes.Price: Rs. 50,000 onwards per function.
  2. Amrita Sanghvi: Amrita can give you a subtle yet polished look with perfect eye makeup. She does not offer airbrush. She does offer a free trial.Price: Rs. 40,000 onwards per function.
  3. Daniel Bauer: He is one of the most renowned makeup artists in the country. He has dolled up most Bollywood actresses. He works with around 20 brides each year.Price: Rs. 75,000 onwards per function.
  4. Cory Walia: Celebrity makeup artist with experience of over 25 years is the best makeup artist in the industry. He is popular for giving dream makeovers to brides.Price: Rs 35,000 onwards per function.
  5. Bharat and Dorris: The popular makeup duo from the industry with over 30 years of experience can give you a flawless look on your wedding day.Price: Rs. 30,000 onwards per function.