Back to School DIY Projects!

  • DIY Heart Clipboard: Update your boring exam board with pink (or any colour of your choice) hearts. A little bit of craft paint. Heart cut outs on contact paper and clipboard are the essential supplies for this fun DIY by Potterybarn. Make strips of heart shaped cut outs based on the size of your clipboard and size of heart you want. Paint on the paper strips, allow it to try and take off the contact paper. And you’re done!

  • Washi Tape Notebook: A girl can never have too many cute books! How many notebooks have you collected? Give your notebook collection a makeover with this easy DIY Washi Tape Notebook. For this simple yet cheap DIY by Rhealana you’ll need a notebook, washi tape and scissors. Make your own design with your stash of washi tape, cut out the ends and you’re done!  So next time you head to the notebooks aisle, you’ll think twice before picking an expensive cute notebook. Do collect a lot of washi tapes though!

  • DIY Fruit Pencil Pouches: Fruit prints are everywhere. For this DIY from Damasklove the main supplies required are fabric pouches (the colour depends on the fruit of your choice),  masking tape, green felt and fabric paint. Make your unique stationery pouches.

Essentialsewing also makes a variation of fruit pencil cases which are easy to try if you’re new to DIYs. Plastic folders, staples and shoelace are some of the main supplies for this DIY.

  • Whiteboard Calendar/ Planner: Create your own customised whiteboard planner and stay organized. For this customized planner from Now That’s Pretty, you’ll need whiteboard, washi tape, scissors and ruler. Mark lines with a ruler and stick washi tape. Make your own variation and you can use it for monthly planning or weekly planning.
  • Washi Tape Bookmark: Add a little bit of colour to your notebooks with these cute washi tape bookmarks from Domestically Creative. All you’ll need is washi tape, card stock, scissors and ribbon.